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new entry and garage

reuse of beams from old carport

Before the remodel

before the renovation

The original carport

the old car port

Before the remodel

entry before the renovation











Single family Residence


Remodel and New Garage


Magnolia Neighborhood, Seattle, WA


2,800 sq. ft. home

500 sq. ft. garage

Located in Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood, this 1960 era home was in need of a good update.  The design challenges included a new detached garage and landscape in the front of the house that would replace a dilapidated carport and create a better entry to the home.


The zoning code allowed a new garage structure inside the front set back so long as it was built within the footprint and height of the existing carport. These restrictions and reuse of the existing carport beams defined the form of the new garage along with it’s exaggerated overhang which shelters the entry pathway.


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