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after the rennovation

raised ceiling and east facing garden doors

kitchen island

before; looking east with low ceiling

before; old kitchen island












Kitchen Remodel in a Single Family Residence


Rebuild of shed roof and remodel



Eastlake Neighborhood, Seattle, WA


300 sq. ft.

This remodel achieved a dramatic transformation to an outdated kitchen into a vibrant, inviting, and functional living space.


Without adding additional square footage, better spaciousness was achieved by replacing a low 7’-0” ceiling with a gabled dormer increasing the height to 9’-6” at it’s ridge.  The aluminum window and single door to the back yard was replaced with french doors, re-lites, and an arched transom that opens the kitchen to the eastern morning light and deck.


The key feature of the kitchen is an island work station that was designed to replicate a fine piece of antique furniture with distressed finishes and a hand planed solid wood top.  Stainless steel appliances are teamed with solid cherry cabinets.  An earthy ochre wall color,  large ceramic tiles on the floor, stone backsplash tiles, and a stained concrete counter top combine to create the rich, warm Mediterranean styled room the clients hoped for.

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