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play yard 'rain' pavillion

the pavilion and play structures

the slide built into the entry stair and stone walls

entry slide & stairs from the wadding pool

'rain' pavilion roof structure detail

the play yard prior to it's dedication










New play yard in historic Olmstead Park



New site development


Volunteer Park,  Capitol Hill Seattle, WA



The play ground in Seattle's historic Volunteer Park had become delapidated and dangerous. A community group formed to work with the city's parks and recreation department to redesign, fund raise, and then build a new play yard.  Debrah played a major role in all  public meetings and  fund raising and was then hired as lead architect to complete the architectural design, drawings, and construction observation for the project. The project sucessfully met the complex challenges of changing a dark, sloping site into a series of terraces with diverse play and socializing opportunities while also respecting the Olmstedian traditions of space planning and materials. It opened the site for better light and visibility to the surrounding areas including it's wading pool.  It created a timeless setting and structure for the historic trees and the play equipment as well as for subsequent play structures,  When it was dedicated a Seattle Times architectural critic called it the Versailles of play yards.


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